Dedicated to providing safe affordable housing to ex-offenders!


"Face Forward, Move Forward"


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As a division of Lets Face It, LLC We believe in second chances for families of incarceration 

to secure safe, affordable housing.

Face Forward to Move Forward

If you have a mistake in your past, that should not cost you and your family an opportunity to housing. People are beginning to see now, that its time for systematic change. Here at Lets Face It, we've always believed in fighting for families of incarceration. So if you've been turned down for rental properties because of your past record, you're in the right place to move forward with your life. 

Lets Face It together.

What our tenants are saying

We had spent numerous hours online searching for safe housing for felons, after I was released from prison. I spent hundreds of dollars on application fees, just to be turned down due to background checks. Lets Face It, kept me and my family off the streets, and we now have a very nice place to stay.

Janell - Atlanta, GA